Important Update Regarding FTC Events

District Families:

The FTC leadership group has been in discussion with the school regarding an issue that has arisen with regards to FTC events. An increasing number of children have been coming to FTC events unaccompanied by adults. FTC events are intended to be family events, with an adult attending the event with the student(s). Both FTC and the school are concerned about the safety and liability of having children unaccompanied at these events.

In order to ensure that all students are properly supervised, we are going to have a few changes with regards to entry at FTC events. These procedures will take place starting with Family Science Night on March 8.

  • Students must enter the event with a parent or other adult
  • The family will be asked to sign in for the event
  • Students will be issued a wristband
  • Adults must stay at the event – none of our events are “drop off” events
  • For indoor events, once students are in the building they need to stay in the building unless they are leaving for the night
  • 7th/8th grade student volunteers may come to events unaccompanied by an adult for the duration of their volunteer work — they will be given further instructions prior to the event

Thank you for your understanding on this issue. The goal is to keep all students safe, and for all families to have a great time at these events!